Facial Tissue Box Design FOr-01, Edra Design

facial tissues FOr-01
facial tissues FOr-01facial tissues FOr-01facial tissues FOr-01facial tissues FOr-01facial tissues FOr-01

Facial Tissue Box Design with happiness atmosphere

The name "Edra" (which has the meaning of "powerful") is set for this design since the colors of this design will fascinate every viewer on a white background.

Using the powerful warm and cool colors coming together is the reason for this fascination. The colors which call each other and inspires the sense of activity and complementary.

The white is one of the most popular colors around the world and coming together with other powerful colors such as Orange, Red , Green and Blue , create a happiness atmosphere on the packaging of a facial tissue box. So this design seems extremely bright and bold.

This design is suitable to activate , charge and refresh mood of inactive people.

Also it acts as an energy focus in boring interior decorations to increase the level of energy.

Finally, this facial tissue box design can attract the viewpoint of buyers at a supermarket.

So this design is very good for consumer goods.




What's included in the package:

  1. Facial tissue box 's layered Artwork  in psd format
  2. product images of tissue box (jpeg)
  3. License agreement
  4. No Mockups included !
  5. No psd layered files included for multiple baseline design.


The Download file is a 7-zip archive file ( '.7z'). If you encountered any issues refer to : http://www.7-zip.org/ for more information.
For Mac users , to unarchive files refer to: http://7zx.en.softonic.com/mac


7-Zip (.7z)
PSD Photoshop, Product Images, License Agreement
CS4 and later
300 DPI
34.30 × 41.30 cm
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