Psd Facial Tissue Box #LU03

facial tissue box #lu03
facial tissue box #lu03facial tissue box #lu03facial tissue box #lu03facial tissue box #lu03
desc-672276542.jpg This is a dummy mockup when this design putting on Scott brand logo.We think that it will be a nice design for Scott tissue boxes.How do you like it? scott.jpg

Cute cats design for tissues box packaging

Also a scott tissue box dummy mock up for this design included at the bottom.


What's included in the package:

  1. Facial tissue box 's layered Artwork  in psd format
  2. product images of tissue box (jpeg)
  3. License agreement
  4. No Mockups included !
  5. No psd layered files included for multiple baseline design.


The Download file is a 7-zip archive file ( '.7z'). If you encountered any issues refer to : for more information.
For Mac users , to unarchive files refer to:


7-Zip (.7z)
PSD Photoshop, Product Images, License Agreement
CS4 and later
300 DPI
34.30 × 41.30 cm
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