Frequently Asked Questions:

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Who are you?

Can I resell or re-distribute your designs with others?

Is there some download limit?

Can we use your designs for a commercial project?

After purchasing I found that your design does not fit my inquiry. Do you accept request a refund ?

Do you send us an invoice for our purchase ?

How can we make the Secure payments? What payment gateway do you support?

What programs do I need to use your design files?

What files will I get from your site after purchasing ? How do I get my files?

PayPal does not support in my country. How can I buy your designs?

Can I order you some special designs in exclusive license?

I need an exclusive license. What should I do?

What's there inside of your design packages?

Do you give me a great discount?

Can I put advertisement on your website?

I love your designs, how can I share my feeling?

Can I design something and put on your store for sale?

What payments are accepted?

Are my payments secure?

Who owns the copyright for the designs you sell?

Do you accept credit cards?

Before buying, I want to see your designs with my logo rather than your Tibex logo to test it, if your designs fit my brand or not. Do you do that?

Do you sell each design to one buyer exclusively?

What does mean "Exclusive License" ? and what advantages have?

Do your designs have a copyright?

I want to replace my purchased design(s) with another design(s). What do I do?

I want to see your designs that have never been seen by someone and not updated on your site. Would you send me your unseen designs in private?

Who are VIP clients?

I have purchased designs from you , but I lost files. Could you send me the files again?

I want you to remove my purchased designs from your site, so that someone else can not be able to buy it again

Are we allowed to use and print your design on our other products ( Napkin , Toilets , ...) rather than tissue box?

"Kleenex" designs on your site , belongs to you?

How can I order designs? What is the process?

I can't open files. Which program do I need?

Which program do I need to see colors of designs correctly?

What do exactly sell? Printed tissues box or graphic design for tissue box?

Who are your target audiences?

Is "Tibex" your brand? Do you produce tissue product with Tibex logo?

How much is your design quality? What is the resolution of your designs?

How can I test and ensure about your design quality before I purchase any ?

Why do you put different views of the box for each design ?

Can you explain more about the long description image in product page? What does it use?

How much quality have your designs in printing? Are their quality as well as what we see in the snapshots?

Your boxes looks very realistic. Are they really photos of printed boxes?

Can you insert my data and my brand info on the purchased design? I need design with my data

Can you redesign your design to fit our box sizes? I mean that it is possible to redesign purchased design to fit our box size then deliver to us?

Is your box size the same size as our boxes?

Do you use standard cut-line and die-cut forms in your boxes?

Are your design layered? What does a layered artwork mean?

Can a design studio buy and use your designs for their clients?