ZandArtwork is a creative design studio was established in 2013 Ankara , Turkey . All our activities has a highlight on packaging design and providing graphic resources .
Since packaging graphic design for consumer goods is getting important and used to increase a larger market share , especially in the Middle-east and Asia , so we launched this online store to response to this demand in the world. This store would be a good place for facial tissues brands to pick designs in economic prices but in a wide varieties of selections that start: Just from $30 .
We are trying hard to add new designs every week on the store to provide a wide range of design styles for a wide range of companies inquiries. We hope this web site and its designs would be effective for facial tissues brands. 

"TIBEX" is the name of our store and also a lorem ipsum that ZandArtwork using it on its mock ups presenting and does not belong to any facial tissues company.